Urgent Care

Introductory Urgent Care Pricing Schedule

Urgent Care:

Office Hours (8:30am-5:30pm)
Weekdays except holidays

 Service Members Non-Members
Telemedicine Included or $150 after using all new issues in your membership $300
Visit at Pravan Clinic Included or $180 after using all new issues in your membership $400
Home Visit – First 2 Hours $360 $500

Urgent Care:

After Hours (5:30pm-8:30am) Weekdays
Weekends and Holidays (24 hours)

 Service Members Non-Members
Telemedicine $200 $400
Visit at Pravan Clinic $360 $500
Home Visit – First 2 Hours $480 $600

Urgent Care Fee for Service

MD Home Visit Additional Hour $240
RN Home Visit $120
RN Home Visit Additional Hour $100
Burns/Abrasions/Wound Care $120
Finger-Stick Glucose Test & Interpretation $30
Suture Removal $100
Crutches (at Pravan Clinic only) $60
Dislocation $180
Ingrown Toenails/Toenail Removal $180
Minor Abscess Drainage $180
Minor Burns/Abrasions/Wound Care $150
Minor Foreign Body Removal $150
Minor Laceration Repair/Stitches $240

**Prices are subject to change.
Note: ​Urgent care home visits are offered in the areas of San Juan, Guaynabo, Isla Verde, Dorado, Gurabo and Caguas. In addition to the prices outlined above, the MD Hourly Fee will apply for home visits that last longer than two hours. Additional fee-for-service charges may apply for diagnostic studies or therapeutic procedures that are considered necessary by the Pravan Clinic physician.

*Urgent Care Services are subject to physician availability