Our first clinic opens Summer 2017. Be part of our exclusive beta program.

Some of the stuff you’ve asked about

  • Who are your doctors?

  • Pravan doctors are handpicked top healthcare professionals from all over Puerto Rico.

  • Do you provide more than primary care?

  • Pravan replaces your primary care physician, while providing access to a variety of services like specialized lab work, nutritional and wellness advice and more, all under one roof, and without the wait. In cases where you need to see a specialist, we will get you appointments with the best healthcare professionals on the island.

  • Do you work with health insurance?

  • Pravan Clinic works independently of your existing insurance, but insurance will cover many of our specialist network’s services. Our Clinic offers a wide-range of wonderful services that you’ll be really interested in, and you will always know beforehand what the cost of these are.

  • Why is there a membership fee?

  • Your fees allows us to run an unparalleled concierge medicine practice offering personalized care, no wait times, 24/7 communication and superior access to top physicians.

  • How are your doctors selected?

  • Pravan is steadily building a network of the best primary and specialty care physicians in all of Puerto Rico by developing standards, admission criteria, and ongoing requirements for the chosen few.

  • What are office visits like?

  • Compared to the traditional healthcare system, our doctors focus on a smaller number of patients, allowing for almost no wait time, next-day appointments and serious quality time with your doctor. Additionally, medical assistance is available 24 hours through video chat, phone, email, or at our urgent care facility. . . or you could opt for a home or office doctor visit, something your great grandfather would be pleased by.

A healthier lifestyle is not rocket science

…especially if you have the Pravan Health team behind you. Highlights to keep in mind:

Invest in yourself: become a member and make your first appointment

Getting to know you: come to our clinic for a comprehensive health evaluation

Personalized care: obtain a custom-tailored plan to improve your health

Access: enjoy 24/7 guidance, support and care coordination from the Pravan Clinic team

Simple. Easy to use. Efficient.
Leading edge technology.

Take control of your health and wellbeing from the palm of your hand. Or computer. 

Our healthcare & wellness platform includes:

Smartphone app or web access
Appointments & scheduling
E-prescriptions & lab orders
Access to your medical records, stats and history
24/7 HIPAA-compliant email, text or video chat with doctors and health providers
Access to a network of doctors, specialists & wellness service providers
Coordinated care across medical team and health providers
Access to partner clinics when traveling in the US