Some of the stuff you’ve asked about

  • Pravan Health has built a network of health and wellness professionals that strives to prevent disease in order to keep you healthy.  This is the opposite of the current healthcare system, which traditionally provides care when you are sick.  
  • You will have access to our primary care team right when you need it. You won’t have to wait weeks to get an appointment and we’ll see you at the scheduled time, so no more wasted days in a waiting room.
  • We take the time to listen, to evaluate and to understand your complete health profile in order to develop a personalized care plan for you to follow and live your healthiest and happiest.
  • We will know your name and history, and work closely with you and our specialist network to achieve your health and wellness goals.
  • We offer comprehensive prevention services like a 3-hour initial visit to get to know you, unlimited nutrition visits, and technology that allows you to communicate with our primary care team 24/7. None of this is currently offered by any health plans.
  • We’re currently offering annual memberships for individuals, but corporations may contact us for bulk rates.
  • We offer a long-term medical partnership where our primary care team takes the time to understand and take care of all of your health needs.
  • Membership fees allows us to run an unparalleled concierge medicine practice offering personalized care, no wait times, 24/7 communication, and superior and coordinated access to top physicians on the Island.
  • The fee enables our doctors to have a limited number of patients and to be available for our clients on their schedule.
  • And you should! Pravan Clinic works independently of your existing insurance, but your membership will cover many of the services that we offer.
  • Additionally, your health plan should cover services from our specialist network and is useful in the event that you require a test, treatment, or procedure beyond what the membership covers.
  • On top of your membership, our Clinic offers a wide-range of fee-based services that might be of interest to you, and whose cost you will always know beforehand.
  • The Pravan membership is designed to be an excellent complement to your existing health insurance. It will provide you with more accessible, expeditious and personalized healthcare experience.
  • We recommend our members carry a health insurance plan that will cover major medical procedures, hospitalizations, labs, imaging, medications and specialist treatment.
  • Visit our membership page, call us at 787.339.2639, or stop by Pravan Clinic in Ciudadela in Santurce during our business hours.
  • After signing up, you’ll connect with Pravan through our HIPPA-compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) messaging app, where you can communicate with our team and complete a health questionnaire. Afterwards, lab tests will be performed by a lab technician at your home or at a clinic near you. The results of the tests combined with your questionnaire will allow your primary care specialist to review your case prior to your first appointment at the clinic.
  • Watch this video for a more detailed overview.
  • The visit will take around three hours, and includes diagnostic test to record the electrical conduction of your heart, measure your lung function and a bioelectrical impedance analysis to assess your body composition. A first meeting with your nutritionist, and quality time with your primary care specialist.  
  • A lot!  Your initial visit is just the start of your journey to better health and quality of life.  The personalized plan developed by your primary care specialist will be shared with you via Pravan’s messaging app, and you will continue working towards your health goals through regular visits and consultations with your nutritionist.
  • We have fee-for-service offerings that are not covered by your membership, but we will always request your approval beforehand.
  • Vitamin and mineral IV drips for different health needs. These drips are priced between $150 and $200 depending on the cocktail.
  • $20 medication delivery in the metro area.
  • Your membership includes a total of (12) visits:
    • (1) comprehensive initial evaluation (90 minutes face to face with your physician) plus (1) follow-up
    • (5) New issue visits (75 minutes)  + (5) follow-up (30 minutes)
    • New Issues or visits above those will be charged at $150 each
  • Urgent care services
  • Medical cannabis evaluation, whose cost is $100 for members.
  • Pravan replaces your primary care physician, while providing access to a variety of services like preventive medicine, specialized lab work, nutritional and wellness advice, genetic-based supplement recommendations, and more, all under one roof, and without the wait.
  • In cases where you need to see a specialist, we can fast-track appointments with top healthcare professionals on the Island. You could also continue seeing your current specialists.
  • Compared to the traditional healthcare system, our doctors focus on a smaller number of patients, allowing for almost no wait time, next-day appointments and serious quality time with your primary care specialist.
  • Additionally, medical assistance is available 24 hours through video chat, phone, email, or at our urgent care facility. . . or you could opt for the doctor to visit your home or office.
  • Our members have repeatedly mentioned how a visit to Pravan Clinic is a medical experience like no other. Our space is an oasis of zen within the hecticness of our daily lives. From the moment you walk into our no-wait waiting area you will shift attention onto yourself, to find peace while enjoying a calming tea or a healthy snack.
  • With the guidance of our nurses, primary care specialists and nutritionist, you will explore your body, understand the whys and develop a better grasp of your health, which will allow you to focus on wellness and prevention.
  • Visits have to be used up during each membership year and will not rollover
  • Every yearly renewal will get you a comprehensive medical evaluation and a new package of 5 extended and 5 follow-up visits
  • Pravan Health has hand-picked a network of the top specialists in Puerto Rico who follow rigorous standards in their practice, meet specific admission criteria, and fulfill ongoing requirements established by the Pravan team.
  • Learn more about the medical specializations available in our network.
  • We offer fast-track appointments to specialists in our network.
  • This fast-track option carries an access fee of $150-$300, depending on the specialist. Some specialists hold periodic office hours at Pravan Clinic, while others you must visit at their own offices.
  • You may use your personal health insurance to cover specialist visits and treatments.
  • Coordinated care is key at Pravan. The norm is for patients to visit specialists who don’t communicate with each other, resulting in an inefficient and fragmented healthcare system. At Pravan, your primary care specialist will manage your health in coordination with specialists, sharing critical data and making it available to you through your Electronic Medical Record (EMR).
  • For one, they are the top specialists in every field in Puerto Rico, plus they’re integrated with Pravan Heath, so your EMR will be at their disposal, simplifying information transfer and minimizing paperwork for you.
  • Some specialists are offering appointments at Pravan Clinic for a fee, but most will see you at their own office. Pravan will coordinate your referral and schedule your appointment at their offices or by video conference, whichever is more convenient for you.
  • The Pravan ambassador can coordinate transportation to specialists or to other medical appointments for a fee. You could also take a taxi or Uber.
  • Absolutely, your primary care specialist might recommend screening tests with specialists given Pravan’s focus on preventative medicine and based on your family history and risk factors.
  • Pravan is offering prevention and screening packages (labs, imaging and procedures) with different specialists that will be available to you on a fee-per-service basis and are not included in your membership.
  • The exodus of specialists has aggravated their availability in Puerto Rico, so the offices of the remaining ones are always crowded and most operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means that patients will wait for hours before they are seen by the doctor. It’s a real problem and patients will waste half a day or more at simply waiting to be called in.      
  • The fast-track service:
    1. gets you an appointment faster, and
    2. the day of your appointment you will get to see the doctor with expedited waiting times
  • You may always follow the usual route and schedule your visit directly 2-3 months in advance.           
  • Yes. Primary Care Specialist will communicate with the specialist of your choice and share your medical history and wellness plan with them.
  • Coordinated care if part of your Pravan experience, so after you see the specialist, we will ask them to discuss your case and share any test results or progress notes with us in order to keep your digital record up to date.
  • Urgent care carries a fee-for-service.
  • The cost of urgent care will depend on the complexity of the case, the time of day when the event happens, and whether you are able to come to the clinic or if Pravan has to come to you.  
  • Picture this: It’s 3am, you are feeling sick and need some advice. You call Pravan via our secure app and we get a nurse and an emergency doctor to help you out. Either we come to you, or we meet you at the Clinic to provide you with the care you need.
  • A fee would apply for service versus using your health insurance and wasting 6 hours at the crowded and not-so-pleasant environment of a hospital’s emergency room
  • If this event happened during our open hours, the cost would be less. If the Pravan team goes to you, the cost would be more. At the end, pricing will always be reasonable and to avoid surprises, we will provide you with an estimate in advance.
  • Urgent care is available for members’ friends and family. For example, if your friend was in town and had an emergency, they could see a doctor at Pravan Clinic.
  • See the list of urgent care services offered here. For any other issue, please call 911 right away.
  • Most Pravan memberships include a comprehensive lab panel per year. These labs can be completed prior or after to your initial visit, and yearly with your membership renewal.
  • You may visit one of the 26 Laboratorios Borinquen facilities throughout the Island or have a technician visit you at home at no cost!
  • Your doctor may recommend more advanced diagnostic tests or additional labs depending on your condition, and these may or may not be covered by your health insurance.  
  • During your initial visit, your primary care physician might recommend a DNA test with 23&Me or a similar provider, which you would pay for directly at a cost of $99-$200 per person. Your primary care specialist will use your DNA information to develop your preventative and personalized health plan, managing your health issues and recommending the supplements you might need
  • There are additional fees to our medical-grade supplements or top-notch IV drips to help you optimize and promote your health.
  • Healthy eating is a vital component of wellness. Whether you’re in great shape or dealing with significant health issues, nutritional choices can reduce the risk of everything from heart disease and diabetes to obesity and osteoporosis.
  • Not only is it included, but you get UNLIMITED nutritionist visits.
  • Our primary care providers can help you reach your optimal health by making dietary modifications that fit your life and realities, such as:
    • Making healthier choices that control chronic diseases like hypertension or high cholesterol
    • Optimizing your energy and focus levels through customized diet choices
    • Understanding how food and lifestyle changes can support health needs and, sometimes, be an alternative to medical treatments
  • Our nutritionists, with your primary care specialist’s input, design individualized plans for each member. Pravan doctors, nutritionists and nurses are well versed about integrating nutrition into comprehensive health management.
  • Yes. Cannabis is a plant with great healing powers and our medical director is licensed to recommend it to qualifying patients.
  • We have developed a process to speed up the evaluation and issuance of medical cannabis licenses. Through care coordination with partner dispensaries, your primary care specialists will help you find the right cannabis treatment for your condition.
  • There is a $100 fee-per-service, which is not included with your membership.
  • Your primary care specialist at Pravan Clinic will make a full assessment of your current condition, agree on the best course of action and process e-prescriptions and medication refills at your pharmacy of choice.
  • You may take advantage of $20 medication delivery in the metro area.
  • You may also use your health insurance plan to cover the cost of your medications.
  • You’ll find art in every corner of Pravan Clinic; from the wall-sized neon sculpture designed by Olivia Steele that welcomes you in the reception area to an itinerant collection of pieces curated by the best local galleries.
  • Art is a way to actively meditate; to be present and experience the here and now. Through collaborative art experiences, we connect with others and experience the healing potential of creativity and community.

A healthier lifestyle is not rocket science

…especially if you have the Pravan Health team behind you. Highlights to keep in mind:

Invest in yourself: become a member and make your first appointment

Getting to know you: come to our clinic for a comprehensive health evaluation

Personalized care: obtain a custom-tailored plan to improve your health

Access: enjoy 24/7 guidance, support and care coordination from the Pravan Clinic team

Simple. Easy to use. Efficient.
Leading edge technology.

Take control of your health and wellbeing from the palm of your hand. Or computer. 

Our healthcare & wellness platform includes:

Smartphone app or web access
Appointments & scheduling
E-prescriptions & lab orders
Access to your medical records, stats and history
24/7 HIPAA-compliant email, text or video chat with doctors and health providers
Access to a network of doctors, specialists & wellness service providers
Coordinated care across medical team and health providers
Access to partner clinics when traveling in the US