Healthcare that works for you. It’s that simple.

Pravan health is fully aligned with the U.S. Surgeon General’s National Prevention Strategy vision: “working together to improve the health and quality of life for individuals, families and communities by moving the nation from a focus on sickness and disease to one based on prevention and wellness.

Our primary care specialist team is dedicated to looking after your health needs. From primary care and preventive medicine, to the treatment of chronic conditions, we have you covered. Our physicians and specialists are available 24/7 for your convenience. We’re committed to delivering the expert medical care you need, when you need it.

Dedicated primary care
Your primary care team includes physicians, nutritionists, health-coaches and care coordinators, in order to safeguard your health and manage your medical needs.

24/7 Access
Our primary care team and rotating specialists are standing by 24/7 to provide you with immediate assistance via telephone, texts, email or video chat.

Coordinated care
Your primary care specialist will reach out, discuss your case and transfer your electronic records to our integrated network of specialists and healthcare professionals.

Quality time with your doctor
Get to actually sit down and talk to your primary care specialist, allowing them to get to know you without being rushed out the door. Our physicians see one-third of the patients the average doctor sees, giving them time to evaluate and understand your full medical picture.

Next-day & on-time appointments
Make next day appointments at our Clinic in Ciudadela, and through our specialist network. All appointments start at their scheduled time and we offer valet parking for your convenience.

Extended office hours
Lives keep getting busier…so we offer extended office hours for your convenience. Our clinic is open 6 days a week, including Saturdays. Oh, and we also offer home visits.

E-prescriptions and medical records
We have curated a suite of the most advanced medical applications to empower you to take control of your health, receive e-prescriptions and access your medical records, labs and doctors’ notes with your phone or computer.

Nutrition and exercise are key to preventing disease and supporting your wellbeing. Receive personalized plans and advice from our clinical nutrition experts to improve your eating habits and optimize your health.

Wellness & integrated care
Your primary care specialist team will develop a wellness plan to help you achieve optimal health. Whether it’s latest in IV therapy, therapeutic massage or acupuncture, we got you covered. Explore more offerings at our Wellness Center.

How are we different

When was the last time you felt good leaving the doctor’s office? At Pravan Health we take a transformative and personalize approach to medicine. We believe in prevention and wellness to promote your health. We also believe you deserve access to quality healthcare when you need it. Our clinical excellence, commitment to service and a modern approach to medicine make for a truly great experience.

Excellence in Primary Care

Pravan Health has curated a network of experienced primary care specialists, board-certified internists, family medicine and naturopathic doctors committed to promoting your health.

  • Our primary care specialists take the time to get to know you, including your medical history, risk factors and lifestyle to understand the root of the problem. We are moving from a transaction-based healthcare to comprehensive and personalized care.


  • Care Coordination is essential to your health. Our integrative approach will save you time and unnecessary visits to multiple specialists. Most common symptoms and conditions can be treated by our primary care specialists, however if you need a referral to another specialist, your physician will discuss your case with other doctors and coordinate an appointment or video-conference consultation for you.


  • We believe in empowering you with the latest technology to manage your health. You will gain access to the most advanced Silicon Valley applications giving you 24/7 access to your medical record, or to medical assistance via phone, text, email or video chat.