Sports Medicine at Pravan Clinic

At Pravan we believe that Physical Fitness is a critical component in preventing disease and achieving an optimal state of wellbeing. There is overwhelming evidence showing the significant benefits of exercising regularly, which is why regular exercise should always be part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you need expert advice on the type of exercise that’s right for you, or if you want to heal from an injury that’s been bothering you, we’ve got you covered.

What is Primary Care Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. Primary care sports medicine physicians are extensively trained in musculoskeletal medicine and are uniquely equipped to manage the nonoperative treatment of a wide range of physical ailments and injuries.

Sports Medicine at Pravan

An Initial Physical Activity and Athletic Movement Assessment with Dr. Miguel Agrait is included in every Pravan membership. This initial evaluation will help you understand what type of exercise is right for you, and also get more information on potential treatments if you have been struggling with an injury.

In addition to the initial evaluation included in your membership, the following medical services are available on a fee-for-service basis:

  • Acute pain/injury evaluation and management
  • Chronic joint pain evaluation and management
  • Evaluation and management of arthritis both acutely and long term
  • Interpretation of X-Ray, CT Scan, and MRI imaging
  • Performance improvement evaluation

PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a highly concentrated collection of plasma obtained from a patient’s own blood. A sample of blood is taken from the patient, then via centrifuge, concentrated down to a collection of platelets, proteins, enzymes, and growth factors that are key in the body’s own regenerative process. This distilled collection can then be injected into an area of injury in order to accelerate healing. It has been used extensively in the world of professional sports but is also used around the world for patients and athletes of all skill levels. Dr. Agrait will be providing PRP therapy at Pravan Clinic, a technique that has proven to be effective in the treatment of certain injuries.

Type of Service Price
Initial Physical Activity and Athletic Movement Assessment Free (included in membership)
New Issue (including for concussion, neck/back/spine injury, ultrasound) $150
Follow Up Visit $100
Osteopathic Manipulation (targeted medical massage) $50
Nerve Block $100
Hydrodissection $100
Injection/aspiration (of Joint or Bursae/Tendons or Hand/Finger/Toe or Trigger Point Injections) $75
Sacroiliac Joint Injection $125
PRP Injection Therapy $1,000
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When was the last time you felt good leaving the doctor’s office? At Pravan Health we take a transformative and personalized approach to medicine. We believe in prevention and wellness to promote your health. We also believe you deserve access to quality healthcare when you need it. Clinical excellence, commitment to service and a modern approach make for a truly great experience.

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