Your Mental Health Matters

We know that mental health and physical health are intimately related. Research shows us that conditions such as chronic stress, heart disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, and chronic pain often have a psychosocial component. Incredibly, there is still a stigma surrounding getting help for mental health.

Your mental health should be treated like your physical health – addressed with the help of a dedicated professional, and treated not as something you caused, but something you need to care for. Caring for your emotional health plays an important part in helping you reach your optimal level of wellness.

Addressing your mental health is important because it can help you to:

  • Cope with the stresses of life
  • Be physically healthy and feel good
  • Have good relationships
  • Make meaningful contributions to your community
  • Work productively
  • Realize your full potential

At Pravan Health we are creating a comprehensive Mental Health program, and as a first step we have integrated a dedicated clinical psychologist on staff to help you meet your goals. Since the majority of people with socioemotional concerns will initially seek help from their primary care physician, our psychologist collaborates with our physicians to ensure a holistic approach to your health management. We are also building a referral network of mental health specialists for our members, including psychiatrists and psychologists, that focus on specific conditions.

Using evidence-based practices, these providers can help you learn strategies to manage chronic health conditions, and adjust to the emotional impact of situational stress. In addition, they can provide emotional support to help you be successful in managing your health, use screening tools to detect mental health conditions early, and refer you to other psychologists and psychiatrists through our local Mental Health Specialists Network.

Type of Service Price
Individual Psychotherapy – Initial Visit $150
Individual Psychotherapy – Follow Up $150
Couples Therapy – Initial Visit $200
Couples Therapy – Follow Up $200
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When was the last time you felt good leaving the doctor’s office? At Pravan Health we take a transformative and personalized approach to medicine. We believe in prevention and wellness to promote your health. We also believe you deserve access to quality healthcare when you need it. Clinical excellence, commitment to service and a modern approach make for a truly great experience.

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