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Your personal medical concierge

Enjoy priority access to the leading doctors and specialists on the market, get appointments that start on time, or communicate 24/7 with our medical team via secure email, text or video chat. All of these interactions become part of your electronic medical record, allowing the Pravan team to coordinate care across providers.

Healthcare That Works for You
Our medical team is available to you 24/7 either at our clinic, through our HIPAA compliant mobile app, or via our Urgent Care services.

Specialties we collaborate with

  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neurofeedback
  • Pain Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physiatry
  • Advanced Lab Testing
  • Radiology & Imaging
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Psychology
  • Wellness/Health Coach
  • Internal Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Travel Medicine
  • Functional Medicine

A team of excellence

We only want what you want: the best of the best.

Let us do the leg work.
We want what’s best for you. That’s why only first-class health professionals with proven track record who communicate and work together to provide you the best available services make it to our team at Pravan Clinic. In our integrated health model we want to make a difference in people’s lives and well-being. That’s why our team goes beyond the skills and expertise. They’re passionate, honest, respectful, forthright, empathetic and above all, human.

The specialists we collaborate with can help treat a wide range of illnesses, click below for a list of the most common illnesses with available treatments to our members.


  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neurofeedback
  • Pain Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physiatry
  • Advanced Lab Testing
  • Radiology & Imaging
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Psychology
  • Wellness/Health Coach
  • Internal Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Travel Medicine
  • Functional Medicine

Urgent Care

Emergencies can happen when we least expect them. That’s why our members have 24/7 access to our Urgent Care service. This service is for an acute illness or injury that would not have the consequence of further disability or death if not managed promptly, but requires professional attention and has the probability to develop such risk if treatment is postponed for more than 24 hours.

Our clinic hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday, but if you have an urgent need outside of these hours, a doctor will be there to help.

Note: In case of an emergency where life is at risk, it’s important to contact 9-1-1. Pravan’s Urgent Care service is not a substitute for emergency services.

Conditions treated in Urgent Care

• Abrasions

• Abscess

• Allergies-Seasonal / Food

• Arthritis

• Asthma

• Back Pain-Neck Pain

• Bites-Animal / Human / Insect

• Bronchitis

• Burns

• Bursitis

• Cellulitis (skin infection)

• Concussion Testing

• Constipation

• Coughing

• Cuts-Lacerations

• Dehydration

• Ear aches

• Esophogeal Reflux

• Eye Pain-Conjunctivitis

• Fever

• Flu-Pneumonia

• Food Poisoning

• Headaches-Migraine

• Hives-Rashes

• Infections

• Ingrown Toenails

• Muscle Strain-Tendonitis

• Nausea-Vomiting

• Shingles

• Sinus Infection

• Sore Throat-Strep Throat

• Sprains-Dislocations

• Stomach Pain-Gastroenteritis

• Tooth Pain

• Urinary Tract Infections

Your trusted advisor

Pravan Health gives you unlimited access to a professional nutrition coach to help you learn how to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Our certified nutritionists work in collaboration with your primary care physician to develop meal plans, educate you on food portions and ingredients, prescribe special diets to treat or prevent disease, and even join you at the supermarket to teach you how to shop.

BLOG: How does the food we eat directly impact our health?

To fully optimize your health

In addition to nutrition and fitness, your primary care physician will work with you to explore ways to enhance your lifestyle, habits, environment and relationships.

“a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.”
National Wellness Institute

At Pravan Clinic, wellness is an integral component of our health care model, so we are curating wellness providers and therapies for your benefit. These services make up the first wave of wellness offerings we will provide at the clinic to help you optimize your health.

Why Wellness Matters?

Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to achieve a higher quality of life. Wellness matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being, which in turn directly affects our actions and emotions. This ongoing cycle requires that we seek optimal wellness to subdue stressreduce the risk of illness and ensure positive interactions.

Supplementing your wellbeing

IV Vitamin Drips have been used for decades in hospitals to treat a range of conditions, from dehydration to nutrient-absorption disorders. As their benefits have become appreciated on a larger scale, they are now being offered at independent clinics to help people feel better without further burdening emergency rooms.

People looking for an immune boost, nutritional or energy support, or those fighting migraines, inflammation, or autoimmune disorders can benefit from IV Vitamin Drips.

At Pravan Heath we are pleased to offer a range of high-quality IV infusions made just for you. Select from our menu below, or ask our medical team for a personalized recommendation.

BLOG: IV Vitamin Drips: What’s with the trend?
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Pravan Essentials

Rise & Shine

$150 (500 mL)

$175 (1 L)

Our ultimate blend – packed full of vitamins and antioxidants to boost your immune system, detoxify your body, reduce inflammation and improve metabolism and energy levels, among other benefits. With Glutathione, Vitamin C and B Complex, this therapy packs a punch.

The Shield

$125 (500 mL)

$150 (1 L)

Rich in the powerful antioxidants Glutathione and Vitamin C, this blend is designed to help shield your system by boosting your immunity and reducing inflammation, thus minimizing time spent fighting symptoms of cold, flu, or viral infection.


$125 (500 mL)

$150 (1 L)

With a combination of the antioxidant Glutathione and B Complex vitamins, this formula will boost your immune system, help reduce inflammation and increase your energy levels and metabolism.

Pure C

$75 (500 L)

$100 (1 L)

For when there’s no need to complicate things. Don’t let the simplicity fool you – Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, and is essential for immune system activation, metabolism support and collagen production.

Vitamin B12 Injection


An essential nutrient for our bodies, Vitamin B12 is best recognized for boosting energy and metabolism.

The enhancing power of physical healing

Tremendous benefits can be achieved through regular massage therapy treatments from a registered massage therapist.

Whether you seek a moment of relaxation or need to reduce muscle tension or get relief from chronic pain, a therapeutic massage can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being.

Massage therapy can be an important part of your health maintenance plan by:

  • Reducing or eliminating pain
  • Improving joint mobility
  • Improving circulation
  • Improving lymphatic drainage
  • Reducing muscular tension
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Massage Therapy for mood enhancement, pain management, lower stress levels:


Massage Length Price
30 Minutes $60
60 Minutes $125
90 Minutes $185
60 Minutes – 3 Session Package $300 (20% off)

An excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing

This training is a powerful tool to improve your brain and body function.

Is an evidence based system that uses non-invasive technology providing multiple benefits, including:

  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Deeper mind/body connection
  • Optimum performance
  • Improve mental clarity
BLOG: Neurofeedback: 21st Century Technology To Improve Brain Function
more info

Our Neurofeedback team specializes in brain training to help you get to your optimal being.

Type of Session Price
Neurofeedback Training Session $130
Neurofeedback Initial Evaluation & Clinical Interview $250

Multimodal therapy provided by a specialist who adjusts techniques used in the moment our members receive therapy according to their personal needs.

Sessions may include:

  • Craniosacral Therapy Techniques – Soft touch therapy that calms the central nervous system
  • Lymphatic Drainage – Soft touch therapy that revitalizes the lymphatic system to reduce inflammation, detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system
  • Visceral Manipulation – Soft touch therapy to attend to visceral and myoskeletal dysfunction
more info

Treatments are directed towards prevention, correction and maintenance for a better quality of life.

Therapy Length Price
30 Minutes $60
60 Minutes $125
90 Minutes $185
60 Minutes – 3 Session Package $300 (20% off)

Blood Pressure

Using cutting edge technology, we are working to conveniently achieve better blood pressure readings so that our members can lower their risk of preventable complications. Through QardioMD we are able to offer you a smart blood pressure monitor so that our Primary Care team can measure your blood pressure in real time, remotely. With the QardioArm there is no longer a need to come into the clinic for blood pressure readings. Vitals can now be measured from the comfort of your home or office, and the Pravan team will see results on a real-time dashboard that will alert them if anything needs attention.


A body mass index (BMI) > 25 signifies a person is overweight, and a BMI > 30 is associated with obesity. Since obesity is one of the leading causes of chronic disease, Pravan Clinic members have access to a Nutritionist and a Wellness Coach who can help manage weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way.

Our wireless smart scale, the QardioBase 2, allows your Primary Care team to monitor your weight remotely. This means that when you wake up in the morning and step onto the scale, your readings will go directly to Pravan Clinic; and our team will see your results evolving on a daily basis, allowing them to give you real time feedback through our mobile app.

For more information about Remote Monitoring, please visit our blog, Pravan Clinic: Where Modern Medicine Meets Modern Technology

Wellness Coaching For Sustained Health and Wellness Changes

While most people are generally aware of what “healthy” behaviors look like, they struggle to incorporate them into their lives in consistent and meaningful ways. Working with a wellness coach will ensure that every effort is made now to extend your healthspan, which are the number of years you live a healthy vibrant life.

Wellness Coaching Pricing and Packages

Following an initial 90 minute Nutrition Counseling appointment to determine your specific needs and preferences, wellness coaching may be a perfect fit for you. Wellness coaching includes a 30 minute appointment every two weeks where you will touch base with your wellness coach, review/work through any challenges, and set a personal goal for you to work on in the time between appointments. Weekly check-ins via email or in person have proven very valuable for many as an accountability measure. Includes: appointments, appointment summaries (by email), weekly recipe(s), and from time-to-time any relevant information your wellness coach feels may be of interest to you.

more info
Package / Service Price
Initial Wellness Coaching Consult. $175
1 Month Wellness Coaching Package $125
3 Month Wellness Coaching Package $355
6 Month Wellness Coaching Package $675


There will also be a 30 Min Complimentary Meet and Greet with a wellness coach available for any member interested in the service.

Blog: Wellness Coaching: Your Path to Sustainable Change

Did you know that to the human body produces cannabinoids, the same compound found in medical cannabis?

Cannabis has been used as a medicinal remedy for centuries, and our Medical Director is licensed to determine whether you are a candidate and issue a Cannabis License depending on your individual health condition.

We have issued dozens of Medical Cannabis licenses since our opening to help alleviate symptoms like chronic pain, decreased appetite, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, joint pain, excessive weight loss, muscle spasms, seizures, tremors and sleep disturbances.

We currently offer Medical Cannabis License Evaluation Appointments at Pravan Clinic which includes a discussion of current health conditions, education about cannabis use and licensing if determined to be a candidate.

Members: $100
Non-Members: $200

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An annual gynecological exam is a fundamental part of preventive medical care for women, and is critical for identifying any risk factors for disease, as well as detecting any existing medical issues.

What happens during this exam will depend on a person’s age, sexual history and medical history. An annual exam, also known as a “Well-Woman Exam,” includes the following:

  • breast examination
  • pelvic examination
  • pap smear (if necessary)
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Sports Medicine at Pravan Clinic

At Pravan we believe that Physical Fitness is a critical component in preventing disease and achieving an optimal state of wellbeing. There is overwhelming evidence showing the significant benefits of exercising regularly, which is why regular exercise should always be part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you need expert advice on the type of exercise that’s right for you, or if you want to heal from an injury that’s been bothering you, we’ve got you covered.

What is Primary Care Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. Primary care sports medicine physicians are extensively trained in musculoskeletal medicine and are uniquely equipped to manage the nonoperative treatment of a wide range of physical ailments and injuries.

Sports Medicine at Pravan

An Initial Physical Activity and Athletic Movement Assessment with Dr. Miguel Agrait is included in every Pravan membership. This initial evaluation will help you understand what type of exercise is right for you, and also get more information on potential treatments if you have been struggling with an injury.

In addition to the initial evaluation included in your membership, the following medical services are available on a fee-for-service basis:

  • Acute pain/injury evaluation and management
  • Chronic joint pain evaluation and management
  • Evaluation and management of arthritis both acutely and long term
  • Interpretation of X-Ray, CT Scan, and MRI imaging
  • Performance improvement evaluation

PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a highly concentrated collection of plasma obtained from a patient’s own blood. A sample of blood is taken from the patient, then via centrifuge, concentrated down to a collection of platelets, proteins, enzymes, and growth factors that are key in the body’s own regenerative process. This distilled collection can then be injected into an area of injury in order to accelerate healing. It has been used extensively in the world of professional sports but is also used around the world for patients and athletes of all skill levels. Dr. Agrait will be providing PRP therapy at Pravan Clinic, a technique that has proven to be effective in the treatment of certain injuries.

Type of Service Price
Initial Physical Activity and Athletic Movement Assessment Free (included in membership)
New Issue (including for concussion, neck/back/spine injury, ultrasound) $150
Follow Up Visit $100
Osteopathic Manipulation (targeted medical massage) $50
Nerve Block $100
Hydrodissection $100
Injection/aspiration (of Joint or Bursae/Tendons or Hand/Finger/Toe or Trigger Point Injections) $75
Sacroiliac Joint Injection $125
PRP Injection Therapy $1,000


Book your free Initial Physical Activity and Athletic Movement Assessment with Dr. Agrait here.

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Your Mental Health Matters

We know that mental health and physical health are intimately related. Research shows us that conditions such as chronic stress, heart disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, and chronic pain often have a psychosocial component. Incredibly, there is still a stigma surrounding getting help for mental health.

Your mental health should be treated like your physical health – addressed with the help of a dedicated professional, and treated not as something you caused, but something you need to care for. Caring for your emotional health plays an important part in helping you reach your optimal level of wellness.

Addressing your mental health is important because it can help you to:

  • Cope with the stresses of life
  • Be physically healthy and feel good
  • Have good relationships
  • Make meaningful contributions to your community
  • Work productively
  • Realize your full potential

At Pravan Health we are creating a comprehensive Mental Health program, and as a first step we have integrated a dedicated clinical psychologist on staff to help you meet your goals. Since the majority of people with socioemotional concerns will initially seek help from their primary care physician, our psychologist collaborates with our physicians to ensure a holistic approach to your health management. We are also building a referral network of mental health specialists for our members, including psychiatrists and psychologists, that focus on specific conditions.

Using evidence-based practices, these providers can help you learn strategies to manage chronic health conditions, and adjust to the emotional impact of situational stress. In addition, they can provide emotional support to help you be successful in managing your health, use screening tools to detect mental health conditions early, and refer you to other psychologists and psychiatrists through our local Mental Health Specialists Network.

Type of Service Price
Individual Psychotherapy – Initial Visit $100
Individual Psychotherapy – Follow Up $100
Couples Therapy – Initial Visit $150
Couples Therapy – Follow Up $150
more info

EMSculpt NEO

Pravan Clinic is committed to providing you with innovative and high-quality products and services to help you optimize your health and wellbeing. With that in mind, we have acquired a revolutionary device approved by the FDA as a non-invasive treatment for eliminating fat and building muscle tissue.

This is a game-changing, non-surgical body contouring treatment that has shown in multiple clinical studies the ability to build 25% more muscle and reduce fat by 30%, on average, in 30 minute treatment sessions.

You can sculpt your abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs. This innovative solution is first of its kind to simultaneously treat both muscle and fat to dramatically change the tone and appearance of the treated area.

NEO MEDICAL GYM delivers radio frequency to destroy fat and a HIFEM® procedure to stimulate muscle in the treatment area. By delivering optimal energy in a short period of time, we can now give you more results and confidence in less time and for less costs.

Learn more about  EMSculpt NEO

Check out the following video explaining how this works!

Areas of the body:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Front Thighs
  • Back Thighs
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Calves
Learn more about  EMSculpt NEO

How are we different

When was the last time you felt good leaving the doctor’s office? At Pravan Health we take a transformative and personalized approach to medicine. We believe in prevention and wellness to promote your health. We also believe you deserve access to quality healthcare when you need it. Clinical excellence, commitment to service and a modern approach make for a truly great experience.

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