Always on Call

Your life is precious. Emergencies happen when we least expect it and there’s no time to waste when your life it at risk. That’s why our team is standing by to assist you 365 days, 24 hours. Long waits at an ER is a thing of the past.

Urgent Care

It’s a known fact that most ER visits can be avoided. That’s why our urgent care service team is available 24/7. Health professionals will assess your situation via chat or a simple phone call and immediately coordinate and make available to you the best possible treatment through virtual assistance, a home visit or scheduling your appointment at our clinic.

Urgent Care

Many emergency room visits could be avoided by having access to physicians and urgent care services at the right moment.

Pravan Clinic‘s urgent care facility and medical team are available for members 24/7 after a quick phone or text assessment.

Dr. Manny is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine since 2004 and directs Pravan Clinic’s Urgent Care facility. Read his bio here.

Conditions treated in Urgent Care

• Abrasions
• Abscess
• Allergies-Seasonal / Food
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Back Pain-Neck Pain
• Bites-Animal / Human / Insect
• Bronchitis
• Burns
• Bursitis
• Cellulitis (skin infection)
• Concussion Testing

• Constipation
• Coughing
• Cuts-Lacerations
• Dehydration
• Ear aches
• Esophogeal Reflux
• Eye Pain-Conjunctivitis
• Fever
• Flu-Pneumonia
• Food Poisoning
• Headaches-Migraine
• Hives-Rashes

• Infections
• Ingrown Toenails
• Muscle Strain-Tendonitis
• Nausea-Vomiting
• Shingles
• Sinus Infection
• Sore Throat-Strep Throat
• Sprains-Dislocations
• Stomach Pain-Gastroenteritis
• Tooth Pain
• Urinary Tract Infections