Ambar López
Membership Director

Ambar completed her Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a minor in Journalism, at Sacred Heart University where she graduated magna cum laude. Her interest in health law led her to start her Juris Doctor at Inter American University School of Law, where she is currently in her last semester.
Ambar became interested in helping people make lifestyle changes when she started doing those herself and notice the great impact living a healthy and active life made for her. Her experience has been on guiding, coaching and helping people to make the right decisions and taking the steps to live a more active and healthy life.
Her passion includes living a more sustainable life for the environment and herself. And living a healthy, positive and happy life. In her free time, Ambar likes to read, go to the beach, workout  and hiking, pretty much anything outdoors where she can do some grounding. Working out and having a healthy diet is really important for her and discovering healthy treats is a must.