Prepare for School with Pravan Kids

Secure Your Child’s No-Cost Medical Certificate for School at Pravan Kids

Does the thought of enduring long waits at your pediatrician’s office for your children’s medical certificate make you sigh?

Let Pravan Kids simplify your journey to school readiness with our medical certificate services.

How to secure your appointment?

  1. Submit this form to schedule a complimentary medical certificate consultation with Dr. Rosana Mejia, our esteemed concierge pediatrician.
  2. After your submission, we’ll be in touch to provide a time slot and a survey to collect the necessary information for the medical certificate.
  3. On your appointment day, Dr. Mejia will have the certificate ready and signed after conducting the physical evaluation for your child at our advanced clinic.

And voila!

We’ve reserved medical certificate slots starting September 19th.

  • Located conveniently next to Pravan Health Clinic in Ciudadela, Santurce, Puerto Rico, we also offer free parking at Ciudadela for your convenience.

Required information from the parent: