Yolanda Rodríguez, MD
Primary Care Physician

Dr. Yolanda Rodríguez is a double- Board Certified physician in Internal Medicine (2010) and Infectious Diseases (2013). She completed her postgraduate education at the Municipal Hospital at Centro Médico de Puerto Rico, her subspecialty in infectious diseases at the University District Hospital at Centro Médico de Puerto Rico, and also performed clinical rotations at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in San Juan. Upon graduation, she pursued opportunities where her specialty was most needed, so she decided to offer her services in the mountains at Hospital Menonita de Aibonito, at PR CONCRA (an HIV/Hepatitis C specialized clinic), and at Oncologic Hospital (Dr. Isaac González Martínez), were she cares for cancer patients. Following her desire to be part of new projects she became the first female anoscopist to be certified in Puerto Rico, as part of an important multicenter phase III clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)/ National Cancer Institute, in affiliation with the PR Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC). Dr. Rodríguez has six years of experience in inpatient acute hospital care from the infectious diseases perspective in severely ill and immunosuppressed patients. Additionally, Dr. Rodríguez has five years of experience at an outpatient clinic were she works with preventive care as well as chronic infections, including wound and ulcer care. She also presides on the Infectious Diseases Committee at the Oncologic Hospital.

Dr. Rodríguez is passionate about the environment and is constantly looking for ways to educate herself through activities and workshops in order to become an environmental advocate. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the Island’s mountains, rivers and beaches.