Elizabeth Sands, MS, CNS
Director of Service Experience/Wellness Coach

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Sands completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with an Emphasis on Wellness, as well as her Master of Science in Nutrition, at Texas Woman’s University. An interest in functional medicine led her to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), the gold standard credential for advanced nutrition professionals. Her supervised practice for this certification was conducted at The Wellness Institute of Dallas.

Lizzy became incredibly passionate about quality nutrition because of the transformative impact it had on her personal wellbeing. She believes in the resilient nature of the human body, and has witnessed firsthand how positive modifications to diet, exercise, and stress level can lead anyone to become the best version of their self. This became especially apparent to her over years of working with patients from all walks of life, as well as during the time she developed and led ‘Wellness Workshops’ for the Austin Street Center, a local homeless shelter in Dallas, TX.

Lizzy currently specializes in general health and wellness, autoimmune disorders, disease states, special diets and all phases of pregnancy nutrition.

In her free time, Lizzy loves to peruse farmers markets, play in the kitchen, and research new foods and wellness trends. In addition to yoga, pilates, barre and spin, she enjoys long walks in nature and is always up for an adventure.